Annual ring



Hyunchul Lim

  • 130 x 130 x 775 mm
  • copper, brass, walnut, music box, music rod, thread

Movement can be divided into several types according to its characteristics. The easiest distinction is from nature or the machine. Machines have been created for the purpose of humans, so this movement is usually mathematically calculated. Nature’s movement is hard to predict because it is not an exactly calculated movement. Precisely calculated movements are repetitive and regular, but difficult to amuse the viewer with like the accidental and natural movement.

This work has been made to make us think of the willow branches blowing in the wind, inspired by natural movement. I used a winding gear from a music box to guide the movement of the delicate thin line. I wound the red thread for visual interest while keeping the rest of the form minimal. The elements that touch the stage floor will create a tension through direct movement.

With the flow of music and the slow and simple movements I hope to relax the viewer. I sawed the wood in a zigzag pattern to create a dynamic surface as I felt that the cylinder form would be too plain by itself and not hold the viewer’s attention.