Hyunchul Lim

  • 90 x 115 x 160 mm
  • brass, mahogany, walnut, nickel silver

Plant or animal life is maintained by movement. As such, the movement for life is an important element to consider.  It is essential for life.

What if the heart stopped? What if the stomach does not work? When I thought about these questions, I realized that it would be much more severe for these things to happen than if the legs stopped moving. We take all these things for granted but must learn to appreciate them and consider this more carefully. So by making this piece I ask my viewers to take time to consider this important aspect of life.

To this end I have created the appearance of a square pillar. The centre has a wooden heart to express those hidden movable parts. So, when it is moving it may seem like a creature. To give the impression of the interior space, I made a metal box that surrounds the heart through openwork technique.

When viewers are turning the handle, they feel like they are giving life to the heart and they may instantly feel a relationship with the object.