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That is a secret, wondering and hidden space that made up for only one person by someone.



Khepri who the god of Egypt of the morning sun.


Fire Flower3

emptyhouse lip

Empty house

We are living in the digital media era that trapped in invisible square box.

wind lip


Blowing wind and,

rain lip


What’s a hurricane without the rain?

annualring lip

Annual ring

Movement can be divided into several types according to its characteristics. The easiest distinction is from nature or the machine. Machines have been created for the purpose of humans, so this movement is usually mathematically calculated. Nature’s movement is hard to predict because it is not an exactly calculated movement. Precisely calculated movements are repetitive […]

heart lip


Plant or animal life is maintained by movement. As such, the movement for life is an important element to consider.  It is essential for life. What if the heart stopped? What if the stomach does not work? When I thought about these questions, I realized that it would be much more severe for these things […]

horse lip


People, who dreaming a white horse that eternally doesn’t come from beyond.

anybody lip

Anybody there?

Object has value when someone used. Such object’s screaming in a silence place. ‘Anybody there?’

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